Technical Project Services

                                Get hooked on successful projects

                                With a tight timeline and clear-cut deliverables, your workforce needs to scale in real-time. And you can't afford to put production on pause to hire a comprehensive team. Instead, let us net the big fish while you focus on driving the boat.

                                Our Technical Project Services get your projects off to a running start. We master your needs, goals, and challenges before we use our deep technical knowledge to find a team of top talent.

                                Our Advantage

                                • Over 218 highly skilled onshore and offshore resources
                                • Certification in full stack development
                                • NodeJS, SpringBoot, Angular, React, and J2EE expertise
                                • Experience collaborating with multiple vendor partners
                                • Solution accelerators for a faster go-to-market strategy

                                Our Specialities



                                Your business success depends on finding greater efficiencies. We improve your entire workflow by digitizing your processes and innovating your deliverability.

                                Mobile/Tablet Enablement

                                Our world is mobile. We enhance the mobility of your products and services so your employees and customers enjoy more intuitive experiences.

                                Cloud Transformation

                                The cloud is faster, smarter, and more collaborative. We migrate existing client APIs to a Serverless framework, reducing their effort during rollouts.

                                Business Process Management

                                Improving your processes enhances performance. We help you gain visibility into your business to increase efficiency and reduce cycle times.

                                Data Analytics

                                Changing markets and economic conditions demand real-time insight. We put big data and advanced analytics tools in place so you can remain agile and respond faster to innovation.

                                DevOps (CI/CD)

                                Continuous improvement drives growth. We implement a Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to foster collaboration between your teams, technologies, and process automation.

                                What Can Consultis Do for You?

                                • Build a team of technical onshore and/or offshore talent to offload spearhead specific initiatives or projects
                                • Ensure the cost of the resources per project are predictable by establishing a bundled rate
                                • Elevate the level of project expertise by blending resources
                                • Reduce benefits and workforce expenses required of a full-time staff
                                • Onboard an Engagement Manager to oversee project and resource success

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